Adult Group and Individual Tennis Coaching

In Leeds and Harrogate

Derek provides coaching/lessons to adults of all ability ranges. This is for all adults 16 years and over.We pride ourselves on getting complete beginners up to a level so they can play a game. The lessons are weekdays and weekends and are usually for 1 hour at a time. You can book individual lessons for just 30 minutes. Group lessons are the most sociable and popular sessions. This is where you will meet other people like yourself and will make friends and find practice partners. Group lessons can be from 4 people to 6 people to a court depending on what you are doing.

Bronze level is Complete Beginner – Never picked up a racket or played before.
Bronze level is Beginner – Can play but struggles to keep a 10 stroke rally going.
Silver level is   Improver – Can rally with consistency and competent in playing a game.

Gold level is     Competent- Plays team tennis, or has played some competitions

The coaching will include technique, Doubles and Singles tactics, Match situations, footwork and lots of fun in a friendly atmosphere. Simply tell us your standard, the day and time you are available and we will find a small class for you.

Adult tennis group coaching is a great way to learn and making new friends.

Adult Individual Lessons

This format produces the quickest improvement in the student’s game, and because of the powerful influence of the pro’s advice. – 1 to 1 lesson. – 2 people sharing.

If you want a private lesson and want to share it with someone I can arrange someone of a similar standard. Individual lessons are the quickest way to learn the game. You can book a lesson at a time that suits you. You don’t have to book a course of lessons. You can book a different day from week to week.

Adult Individual Lessons Weekday Daytime/Evenings or Weekends.  The lessons are on the outdoor courts. We use sports halls for touch tennis lessons. Touch tennis is played on mini courts and is great fun. Adults get a great work out as this game is much easier to play than full tennis.

Racketball Lessons

Racket ball is a new fun racket sport played on a squash court, it is much easier to learn than squash and is fun and energetic and is easy to learn.

Lessons are for 30 or 60 minutes.


Below are some example videos on how we teach Adults.

Please click below to see what Cardio tennis is like.

Please click below to see what touch tennis is all about.

Please see below to see what Racketball is all about.
Racketball Coaching. No membership required

Racketball is played on a squash court and is a very easy game to learn. The equipment is similar to a tennis racket but shorter in length and played with a rubber ball about the size of a tennis ball. This is a great way to keep fit and burns lots of calories. It is also lots of fun. Lessons can be individual, two people sharing, three sharing through to larger groups. The lessons are in Leeds or Harrogate. If you need to borrow equipment just let us know.


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